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D-A has the Engine Oil & Lubricants for Your Over-The-Road & Fleet Trucks

Your engine oil is the blood of your truck fleet. Long hours and heavy loads take toll on the bearings and other moving parts in your diesel engines. It pays to use the most dependable, highest quality oils, lubricants and coolants to keep your trucks on the road.

Lubricants and engine oil for over the road trucks and fleet trucksEngine Oils
D-A has a long list of high-quality engine oils that meet or exceed your over-the-road vehicle manufacturer's specifications for newer EGR engines, plus they can extend the life of pre-EGR engines on the road today!

Transmission Lubricants
transmission fluids for diesel trucksModern truck transmissions are complex and expensive. D-A has the right transmission lubricant for you, including new synthetic blends for longer life. Take a look at our complete offering of choices for over-the-road transmission lubricants.

Differential Lubricants
If you are looking for a differential lubricant that will out-perform conventional gear lubricants to promote longer gear life and better equipment operating economy, we have what you need.

wheel bearing greasesChassis/Fifth Wheel/Landing Gear/Wheel Bearing Greases
No truck can survive long without good gear lubricants designed specifically for the needs of heavy-duty trucks. D-A offers a full line of superior-performance products that supports the OEM performance requirements, they extend component life and can reduce equipment ownership costs.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
DEF is a urea-based chemical reactant designed specifically for use in SCR systems to reduce nitrous-oxide emissions. DEF is prepared by dissolving solid high purity urea in deionized water to create a 32.5% solution in water. DEF and similar urea-based products are widely used today for a variety of agricultural and industrial needs.

  • KOST™ DEFendal Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) - More info.

D-A antifreeze/coolant products offer superior coolant system protection by preventing scaling, foaming, and corrosion while at the same time offering excellent liner pitting protection. In addition, they offer maintenance cost reduction opportunities by minimizing coolant related water pump seal leakage, improved solder and aluminum protection, and ease of use. These products also benefit the user by reducing operating and maintenance cost through superior product performance.

  • Universal (Green) 50/50 and Concentrate - More info.
  • Heavy Duty Pre-Charged Antifreeze (Pink) 50/50 and Concentrate - More info.
  • Long Life (Red) 50/50 and concentrate - More info.
  • Global HD Long-Life (Gold) 50/50 ad concentrate - More info.

Fuel Conditioners
Diesel fuels react differently in hot and cold weather. make sure your fuel is working properly by using our additives specifically designed for the changing seasons.