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D-A Industrial Hydraulic Fluids are your best bet for keeping your equipment running smoothly.

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D-A PresurFlo™ 10 - 460, 5W-20, 10W-30
D-A PresurFlo™ hydraulic fluid is designed for all modern high pressure hydraulic power systems used in construction equipment and stationary industrial installations. These oils are formulated with an optimum level of anti-wear additive for maximum protection against scuffing and wear in hydraulic pumps and motors.
HydraSafe™ LF
D-A HydraSafe™ LF is a specially designed less flammable, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid for use in monitored or environmentally sensitive heavy-duty applications.
WearGuard™ D-A SYN FQH Series (PAO) ISO 22-150
WearGuard™ D-A SYN FQH Series Food Grade synthetic multi-purpose oils
are blended from 100% synthetic hydrocarbon (PAO) base oils, with additives that meet 1998 USDA H-1 requirements for incidental contact. SYN FQH Series meets all of the requirements of FDA Regulations 21 CFR 78.3570 and is registered with NSF.

D-A R & O Oil Series
D-A R & O hydraulic oil is designed for use where the customer is opting to utilize an economical product and the equipment manufacturer permits the use of R & O oils.
WearGuard™ D-A FQH WO Series (Petroleum) ISO 22-150
WearGuard™ D-A FQH WO Series are food grade hydraulic fluids that are formulated with USP grade white oils. These NSF registered food grade hydraulic fluids are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of severe hydraulic systems using high pressure and high output pumps.