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Industrial Chain Oils
D-A industrial chain oils

D-A Industrial Chain Oils are chemically engineered to offer extended equipment life, reduced maintenance and energy costs and improved operational efficiency.

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WearGuard™ D-A SYN FQL HTC (Hi-Temp Chain Oil) 150, 220
WearGuard™ D-A SYN FQL (HTC Hi-Temp Chain Oil) is a 100% synthetic chain oil based on neopolyol esters and an innovative anti-oxidant. This product is blended with D-A's ChemGuard™ additive technology to enhance antiwear properties and give a very high resistance to thermo-oxidation and coking. The choice of a highly oxidation stable ester with innovative andi-oxidants gives the oil an outstanding resistance to oxidation and coking.

WearGuard™ D-A SYN PCO 150, 220
WearGuard™ D-A SYN PCO (Proofer Chain Oil) is a high performance H-2 synthetic ester lubricant designed for conveyor roller ball bearing chains, pin and roller chains, slides and gears operating in environments which contain high humidity such as a proofer box in bakeries. This lubricant is blended with D-A's ChemGuard™ additive technology. It outperforms mineral based petroleum oil lubricants by significantly reducing lubricant consumption and providing better film strength that protects against rust, corrosion and wear.

D-A ChainGuard™ ISO 100 - 150
WearGuard™ D-A ChainGuard™ Series is formulated with specially selected base oil stock. This product is designed for use in a variety of industrial chain applications. The exclusive D-A ChemGuard™ additive technology has EP, oxidation/anti-wear inhibitors that significantly reduce wear by protecting exceptionally well against carbon and varnish. ChemGuard™ additive technology also delivers an aggressive defense against rust and corrosion in adverse high load and high temperature environments. WearGuard™ D-A ChainGuard™ Series has a significant ability to cling to gears and sprockets consistently at any chain speed while minimizing metal-to-metal contact. The robust tackafier fights against sling-off and water wash-off in wet environments. It is also compatible with yellow metals such as brass, bronze and copper to resist excess wear.

D-A Bar & Chain Oil
All Season D-A Bar and Chain Oil is formulated to insure good performance on all link chain and chain bars including chain saw bars. Premium quality D-A Bar and Chain Oil extends the life of the bar, chain and sprocket by protecting against wear.