Performance Engineered Lubricants - Since 1919

D-A Lubricant Company, Inc. - Then and Now

Old DA Lube truckThe history of D-A Lubricant Company, Inc. is very interesting, not alone because of its achievement and success, but because it was born at the same time as another great industry, and has had an active part in its growth and development ever since, from the standpoint of service and of specialization.

In 1919, just following World War I, engineers and designers were beginning to apply the knowledge of mechanical design gained during the war to industrial and heavy-duty equipment improvement. They began to think in terms of complex gear assemblies, more horsepower, heavy pressures, and higher shaft and journal speeds, in order to make their machinery more powerful without reduced loss of efficiency.

Greases of that day were still being built around the principles of "wagon wheel" lubrication. Grease was grease ... so long as it looked and felt greasy. The original D-A Lubricant was produced in 1919 to meet the requirements of the then newly designed heavy-duty equipment. It did the job!

For more than 90 years, the company has followed the same policy. It has maintained its identity with the heavy-duty equipment field. It has stayed abreast of the times ... ready with a specialized product to fill new or changed lubrication needs as equipment design changed or improved.

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