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Crushing Plant Products
D-A specialty lubricants

D-A provides a complete line of lubricants for crushing plant machinery including specially formulated rock drill oils, extreme pressure gear oil and crusher oils that contain superior anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, reducing downtime and expensive repair.

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Rock Drill Lubricant
D-A Rock Drill Lubricant is a specially formulated product for the lubrication of air line components in all pneumatic percussion-type rock drills and has extreme pressure properties to allow significantly drilling distance vs. competitive oils.
D-A eco-drill™ is a readily biodegradable rock drill oil specially designed for use in extreme working conditions with percussive pneumatic tools, down-the-hole (DTH), and surface drilling equipment.
D-A GTD™ is a mild EP (Extreme Pressure) gear oil designed as an economical lubricant for use in rock crushers having a large yellow metal (bronze or brass) bushing. This formulation provides protection to steel bevel gears while protecting the yellow metal components.

Crusher Lubricant
D-A Crusher Lubricant provides optimum protection to both yellow metal (brass and bronze) components while providing optimum protection to steel components.