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used oil analysisD-A Used Oil Analysis - Planned Preventive Maintenance

The D-A Lubricant Company, Inc. Controlled Lubrication Service (CLS DataLink) is an innovative part of the many services provided by D-A. CLS DataLink includes analysis of used oil from any equipment, component or compartment; reporting of test results in 48 hours or less from the time the sample is received, including immediate fax or e-mail alerts about critical conditions; and state-of-the-art reporting through D-A's CLS DataLink - a secure, on-line application that allows you to generate lab reports, various maintenance reports and data downloading as part of Planned Preventive Maintenance.

Since the early 1950's D-A has been an advocate of efficient fleet operations through Planned Preventive Maintenance. Part of that process is wear monitoring of all compartments through analysis of used lubricants from your fleet.

D-A Lubricant Company has Used Oil Analysis Labs in Lebanon, IN and Sacramento, CA to serve our customers. Turnaround, from the time we receive the samples until the time you have answers, is typically less than 48 hours. Your results are posted on-line and accessible to you with the completion of your tests. You will immediately be e-mailed or faxed any time the oil's condition indicates a critical problem.

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CLS Datalink

Contact Customer Service or your local Field Representative to sign up for CLS DataLink services if you are not already taking advantage of D-A's Planned Preventive Maintenance. You do not have to be a lubricants customer of D-A to take advantage of our CLS DataLink services.

A Decision-Grade Management Tool

Soon after beginning D-A Lubricant Company's CLS DataLink™ you'll start seeing opportunities to improve your maintenance program and increase your bottom line. Consistent oil analysis with data you can trust will enable you to track wear of critical components. CLS DataLink provides the tools for you to monitor unusual wear, predict maintenance intervals, and evaluate extended drain opportunities. But it's not lab services alone that make CLS DataLink important. D-A's 90+ years of heavy-duty engine expertise helps you in interpreting what these oil analysis results really mean for your equipment and maintenance program, making CLS DataLink a valuable management tool.

Big Savings in Long-Term Dollars.

While our CLS DataLink program has many cost saving features, it's the long-term reduction in capital costs that results in big-dollar savings. CLS DataLink provides a quick and easy early warning alert, allowing you to pinpoint the direct causes and location of many wear problems. Your resulting preventive maintenance ensures minor problems stay minor, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing the life of capital equipment.

The precision of the CLS DataLink data also allows you to establish a predictive maintenance program to manage labor costs more efficiently while obtaining maximum productivity from equipment availability.

  • Helps prevent equipment failure
  • Increases equipment availability
  • Provides information for extended drain intervals
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Minimizes unscheduled downtime

Analyzing Your Used Oil Sample

We access the vital information found in your oil sample at one of the most technologically advanced laboratories in the industry. We evaluate wear with a comprehensive battery of tests.

  • Tests for the presence of wear metals including iron, aluminum, copper, tin, nickel, lead, chromium and non-wear metals.
  • Silicon (dirt) analysis.
  • Test for coolant contamination in water-cooled compartments, including glycol, water, sodium and potassium.
  • Used engine oils are tested for fuel dilution and viscosity to determine overall engine and oil condition.
  • In diesel and gaseous fueled engine samples, we measure Total Base Number (TBN)*, a measurement of the used oil's ability to neutralize corrosive acids formed during the combustion process. Low TBN results in increased wear and shortened engine life. (*Non-lubricant CLS DataLink customers may order this test for an additional fee.)
  • Tests are also run for oxidation and nitration; TAN (Total Acid Number) is also run on selected compartments. Total Acid Number (TAN) is a measurement of the current level of corrosive acids residing in your oil, produced as a result of the combustion process. High TAN can result in increased wear and shortened engine life. TAN monitoring is critical for gas-fueled engines.
  • Samples of transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, gear oils, gasoline engine oils and natural gas engine oils are also tested.

After your oil analysis is completed, test results are transmitted from test instruments into our computer database. Current readings are instantly interpreted and compared against previous readings. What emerges is a specific, accurate picture of the component's operating condition.

Reports to Match Your Management Needs

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CLS Datalink

Your On-Line Answer to Used Oil Analysis

The strong analysis tool: CLS DataLinkTM is available to you 24/7 on-line. Rather than receiving paper reports through the mail or by fax, you can access your latest lab results immediately after the testing is completed - plus have access to all your fleet's historical performance records, trending and more. CLS DataLink is a decision grade management tool for any fleet interested in maintenance cost containment.

Through your on-line connection, your latest lab results can be viewed and/or downloaded to your PC. The benefits include:

  • Eliminates file cabinets full of paper reports.
  • Significant warning notification immediately faxed or e-mailed - no delay!
  • The convenience of having access to all records.
  • Saves time by having immediate access to reports.
  • Saves money by giving you the tools to perform your own analysis right at your desk.

You have the power to perform many in-depth studies of your fleet analysis data. You can:

  • Produce color graphs for an "at a glance" look at performance for one or many test variables.
  • Sort results by equipment type, compartment, and component manufacturer and even by site locations.
  • Analyze trends, compare data and plot the results for a specific piece of equipment or an entire fleet.
  • Analyze lab results by dates, unit time (hours or miles), oil time and drain intervals.
  • Focus on specific wear metals, oil chemical properties or oil physical properties.
  • Determine what is due or overdue for oil analysis or drain.

D-A's CLS DataLink brings your used lubricant analysis reports to life and makes them an integral part of your fleet's maintenance management program.

The Heavy Duty Engine Experts

Our business is primarily heavy duty diesel and natural gas engines. And what we've learned in the millions of hours and miles has never been more valuable to our customers than it is today. Your goal is to be business wise and profitable - our goal is to help you achieve your goal!

That's why we pioneered used oil analysis as a preventive maintenance tool. Since 1959 we have been the industry leader; providing laboratory services for all types of equipment including engines, transmissions, gear boxes, hydraulic systems and other lubricated compartments. We believe the quality, speed and user friendliness of CLS DataLink can play a significant role in determining your success in meeting maintenance objectives.

-- For D-A Customers who purchase lubricants and used oil analysis, CLS DataLink is included in the price of your used oil analysis.

-- For D-A Customers who only purchase used oil analysis, CLS DataLink is included in the price of your used oil analysis. Please contact Customer Service for pricing structure. Note: TBN testing is an additional fee for non-lubricant customers.

CLS reference guide for used oil analysisMaximizing fleet productive potential can be achieved, and CLS DataLink can help!

D-A's Oil Analysis Publication

The Ready Reference Field Guide - updated April, 2009 - is available to our customers on request. D-A has been tracking used oil analysis results for decades, and this document reflects the millions of hours and miles of experience in trending wear. D-A knows oil and what heavy duty usage can do to it. This informative book will help you understand acceptable ranges of wear metals in your equipment as well as possible causes of wear metals that can cause premature engine failure. Preventive Maintenance is the key to extended equipment life in your fleet!

If you are a CLS DataLink subscriber, you may request the book in either a .pdf file via e-mail or a printed version by contacting Customer Service. Customers may also click on the book cover above to request a copy via e-mail.