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D-A Controlled Lubrication Service User Guide - Part 1

Getting Started

Welcome to an informational introduction to the D-A Lubricant Company CLS and CLS Datalink web pages. This User Guide will help you navigate the CLS Analysis web pages and show you how to access your personal oil analysis information.

The web site offers two levels of access:
• CLS which presents you with your oil analysis results and sampling reports for the next sample;
• DataLink, an in-depth and strong management tool to track over time the trends and norms for your equipment. To run either of these options, you must have cookies enabled on your PC.

CLS gives you access to on-line oil analysis reports. You will be able to sort for the used oil analysis by equipment type, compartment, compartment location and warning levels. After you have made your selections, CLS generates a screen view of your Used Oil Analysis Report. You also have the option of a printable Oil Analysis Report, saving the Report to file and/or creating a Field Sample Report (FSR) for future used lubricant analysis. CLS is available at no charge to D-A Used Oil Analysis Lab customers

CLS Datalink
DataLink enhances the power of CLS with additional analytical capabilities. In addition to on-line access to your used oil analysis reports, you can generate many additional reports and analyze your data at many different levels – ranging from a single compartment through your entire fleet. The graphing function allows you to visually define your results over several options. DataLink's strengths are included in the price of your oil analysis.

Getting Started

To log on to the CLS and DataLink web site, click on the CLS DataLink™ logo located in the left column of our web pages or click here.

A login screen will appear:

cls log on screen

Type your Username, press the tab key, type your Password, and click the Login button. The username is case sensitive, the password is not.

At any time in the CLS web, you may return to the D-A Lubricant Company web site by clicking on the D-A logo in the upper left corner of most pages. The CLS web site is a secure site, the general D-A Lubricant Company site is not.

You should log-off this web site anytime you are done or changing to a different site - this protects the security of your database information. If no activity has been reported on this web site after a set time, there is an automatic lock-out and you will have to sign-in again. You MUST have your cookies enabled on your computer for the CLS web site to function properly.

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