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  • The 102nd Indy 500 Is Running On
    D-A Lubricants!

    Green Flag for the Original Green Oil.

    PennGrade1 is the original green oil endorsed by racers, engine builders, manufacturers and performance enthusiasts around the globe including the Porsche Club of America. See why PennGrade motor oils are the ultimate protection for high performance machinery:

    Good Steward of the Great Race.

    D-A Lubricants has played a key role in the growth and evolution of the Indianapolis 500 as America’s premier motorsports event:

    New Technology Leads to Better Racing.

    Can you spot the 2018 changes that are geared to deliver more lead changes in this year’s race?
    D-A Lubricant Company, Inc. manufactures PennGrade Motor Oil in Lebanon, IN.

    diesel truck oil D-A now offers Reliant™ CK-4 and Reliant™ Premium CK-4 Diesel Engine Oils!

    CK-4 and FA-4 API specifications will become active in the spring of 2017. Proof of performance is always measured in the field and the D-A Reliant™ CK-4 and Reliant™ Premium CK-4 have been field tested and are available for purchase. These oils are designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the API Service Category CK-4 which will be backwards compatible for the existing 2007-2016 engines using the CJ-4 lubricant and FA-4 (coming soon)which will not be backwards compatible but will encompass the new lower viscosity diesel engine oils. Reliant™ CK-4 and Reliant™ Premium CK-4 are here! More info

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