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    diesel truck oil

    You Can Depend on Reliant™ J-4 Diesel Engine Oil For The Long Haul

    The proof of performance is always measured in the field and the new norm is the standard set by the family of the D-A Reliant™ J-4 oils. Designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the API Service Category CJ-4. This new classification is required in 2007 and later model diesel engines running on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and equipped with after-treatment devices. More info.
    HydroGuard™ oil in dredging crane

    HydroGuard™ Makes Sure That Oil and Water Don't Mix

    D-A HydroGuard™ is designed to separate and shed water in applications where water is inevitable. Whether it is a result of a working environment, such as in a dredging operation, precipitation or moisture condensation, water can get into the lower gear case of a crane's travel mechanism and contaminate the gear lubricant. When compared to conventional automotive gear oils, HydroGuard ensures protection of gears in wet applications. More info.

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    oil drilling rig lubricantD-A's eco-drill™ Protects Your Drilling Operation While Being Environmentally Friendly.
    eco-drill lubricant
    As a biodegradable rock drill lubricant, D-A eco-drill™ is specially designed for use in extreme working conditions with percussive pneumatic tools, down-the-hole (DTH), and surface drilling equipment. This lubricant begins with naturally high viscosity index base oils for temperature shear stability and is formulated with our advanced ChemGuard additive technology.

    D-A's ChemGuard™ innovative formula has a vigorous EP/antiwear inhibitor that reduces welding or scoring in a constant shock load environment.  It also protects against rust and corrosion in adverse high load situations. D-A eco-drill™ has a built-in emulsifier for severe circumstances where water and compressed air coexist. A robust tackifier is added for the desired adhesiveness that protects against undesired misting or when water spray is present and sustains its strength where superior lubricity is expected.

    D-A eco-drill™ is rigorously tested for its performance as well as its environmentally safe components. This product is highly recommended for use in monitored or environmentally sensitive locations.

    D-A eco-drill™ may also be utilized in Mining and Tunneling, Jack-Hammers, Paving Breakers, Chippers, Tampers, Scalers, Impacters, Roofbolters, Screamer Pumps, and Water Injection Plunger Pumps. Learn more.